What causes radioactive contamination





Objects, but also humans or animals, can become radioactively contaminated when they have direct contact with a radioactive compound in a spreadable form, e.g. a liquid. Part of the radioactive liquid will remain in or in the object or person. This is what we call a radioactive contamination. 

Just like other contaminations, radioactive contamination are usually cleaned easily by (carefully) scrubbing with soap or special cleaning agents. But of course, it is better to prevent contaminations. When you meet all safety measures, you can safely work with radioactive substances without contaminations on the work place, clothing or skin. These safety measures are taught in radiation protection courses.

During this experiment, a radioactive solution in water is used. To prevent spreading and ingestion or inhalation of the material, we work with a glove and safety goggles. The radiation levels during the experiment are not very high: no additional shielding is necessary.